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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??


I was reading through one of your earlier post. It can be both helpful and harmful to have a background in another art. I had a decent karate background before coming to aikido, so I was already a decent martial artist...but I was (still are) in many respects a poor aikidoka. I had to push hard through some paradigms and habits to establish new ones...I had to reprogram many of my intuitions (still do).

So I don't think it is necessary to study another art to be a good aikidoka if that is your goal, and a very worthwhile one!

However, I believe if you endstate is something other than that, then you may want to consider other arts as well.

I agree, most of the aikidoka, sensei, shihan I have respect for seem to have a breadth of experience outside of aikido. I think it allows them to respond correctly to things/attacks that fall outside of the realm/paradigm of traditional Aikido.

I would never advise, or not advise anyone to cross train not knowing them very well. It really is an individual thing. It might be very confusing and harmful to some, but right for others!

Again, that is why I say you must really look hard at WHY you want ot study martial arts or specifically aikido.
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