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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??


I wish there was a way I could get with you and help you break through some paradigms and misconceptions I believe you have. (in a good way, not vindictive or mean spirited).

I had many of the same misconceptions about karate and aikido with lethal punches and techniques to one irimi/tenkan etc....certainly it is ideal and something to strive for...but unfortunately when you cross the line into reality it does not typically hold water.

I used to have the same notions about balance and standing up until I started working with some really good ground fighters, who also btw are better and stand up aiki techniques than I am.

As a response to the other add....

O'Sensei I don't believed ever professed to turn anyone into the ultimate martial artist, but into a good human being in so many words. He describes aikido as a "path" uses words such as "seek" where does he mention an endstate or offer a guarantee or say that it is the only way. If he does, I really would love for someone to show me that!
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