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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Mistakes are is when they become repetitive that they stop becoming mistakes. Most all of us have egos and have to learn how to be patient! That is what life is all about!

I have found that it helps to try and deeply understand the other side as much as I can before forming an opinion or voicing an opinion...sometimes it is hard to do.

It is evident that you feel very passionate about your relationship with Jesus. That is a good thing. I hope that you try and embrace the qualities that he represents...peace, harmony, love, compassion, joy...IMHO...that is something we can all agree on regardless of our beliefs!

We should be celebrating that! I believe that is what Christ wanted us to do!

I may be direct, but I don't really consider myself arrogant. My remarks are simply to remind you that your views don't necessarily represent everyone's.

Think about your aikido...when you make assumptions about are usually wrong and it becomes hard to read them, work with them, and be effective....that is all I am saying.

Arrogance would be saying that your beliefs are wrong. I never said that...only that I feel your intolerance and assumptions about others is wrong!
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