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Re: Ever changing Aikido

Hi all ! (I'm new here - see the introductions forum... )
I can relate very well to what this thread is about; in fact my teacher (Tomita sensei) regularly changes the technical forms from time to time, because he doesn't want his students to hang on to fixed forms. According to him O'sensei never showed exactly the same technique twice and in fact detested the idea of having 'forms', but very much emphasized principles rather than technical forms. My teacher uses to say : "I show you one way, but when you teach you can make many". On the other hand he also says "you can forget about the net after you have caught the fish, but until then you have to knit a strong and solid net". When I asked him for explanation he said that we need the forms as an entrance to aikido (to learn the principles) but afterwards we should forget about them; instead keeping a clear mind (mushin) for being able to react instantly when needed without distractions - without being fixed in your mind.
Just my two cents...
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