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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

I totally agree 100% Sonja...just because he's been in a few movies people think they know him and confuse onscreen with offscreen...and worse listen to Hollywood's little stories. That says far more about the critisizers than Mr Seagal imho.

I've never heard him say anything negative about anyone...not even his detractors. Any critism I've ever heard from him (assuming he has been correctly quoted) has always been positive and something people can take a lesson from. Quite simply he would not have survived in Japan and been able to run a dojo for such an extended period if his intentions were less than honorable. The fact any Japanese people studied under him is testiment to at least his superb abilities as a martial artist.

How many other gaijin 7th dan masters are there?...not many eh..
that alone demands true respect..because they are not given out for nothing..


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