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Nick Simpson
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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

'I guess my point was the similarities in say, me calling them arrogant, and them calling say, Seagal Sensei arrogant.'

I thought of that. Isnt judging someone in any way or form arrogant? I suppose it is, but sometimes it can be the correct judgement.

'I guess I was looking for a point at which I could say 'now I have a right to an opinion...'

Everyone has a right to an opinion. Just not all opinions are correct or intelligent or worth sharing.

'Actually, that is exactly what they did...this thread was started in 2002...'

Got me there fella, but you have to admit there have been SO many threads like this...

They're all screaming about the rock n roll, but I would say that it's getting old. - REFUSED.
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