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Re: what does religion say about ki?'re right about the mean-spirited words...however...I have apologized all those times that I had said those're the one that's being warlike and toxic for going so low by bringing up past stuff. Also...the reason I said those things was because I'm extremely fed up with the people on this site thinking they know what they're talking about...there's this very arrogant attitude on this site when it comes to talking about facts such as your's when you just said to me , "these views represent YOUR particular view of Christianity, not everyones." Yeah....maybe not every non-Christian's view of Christianity...but definitely every Christian's view of Christianity as is spoken of in the Bible as well. This is not MY interpretation...believe it or not...the Bible is not for personal interpretation...the Scriptures were meant for the reader to be led by the Holy Spirit to come to the universal Christian conclusion that Jesus Christ is Lord and that ONLY through Him is there salvation. If you think that that is only MY view of Christianity...then you need to get out more over there in Germany and visit some churches, read the Bible, and look up some information on what we Christians believe. A great site is Check it out. are right in saying that the name calling I committed is not Christ like and I apologize...but I am human and as a human I have my flaws that the Lord is working on in my life...believe it or not...I'm NOWHERE as impatient as I used to be! LOL! Thanks be to God! Next time someone says something ignorant I'll be more patient and there'll be no name calling...and if there can kick me off this site forever. Seriously. I mean that.
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