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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??


Great post! My thoughts pretty much to a tee. You can revise aikido into whatever you desire it to be, but what the founder intended it to be is what it is a DO. Sure there are side benefits to the art, but as you state, to me is the essence of why you practice aikido.


Also a good post. Thanks. I know the authors/founders of the Modern Army Combative Program, what you state above is pretty darn near on the money.


My position is not to cross train. I could really careless if someone cross trains or not. I think Aikido is the perfect art for someone whose goals are to study "the way of AI, KI". If that is your goal no need to cross train. However, if you are overly concerned with Self defense, "combat effectiveness" (i hate that phrase)...then my point is this...find another art that focuses on those aspects...aikido is a waste of time for you. To me self defense training is 1. Risk awareness/reduction. 2. Learning to effectively leverage yourself through security, weapons (lethal/non lethal). ...It is time and money better spent if you live in this world.

My point is not about cross training, but not making aikido into something it is it for what it is and what it offers...(see Jorge's post).

What recommendations did I make? Other than "make sure you understand WHY you are training and study those things that best fit those goals".

Many people in aikido are confused as to why they are training, just as many people wander aimlessly through their day working jobs they hate, and not beiing fullfilled as humans beings. We overeat, over drink, and distract ourselves with entertainment etc to make up for that void.

All I am saying is "look inward and outward" make sure you are aligned correctly.

I guess I would disagree with you that aikido has an answer for every situation. It has answers for the situations the founder wanted it to have answers for...(see Jorge's post).
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