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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Well here are a few select lines of post you have made:
"Yes...but I didn't mean it as a curse (because curses are from satan, moron). "

"Frank, sir? Are you an Episcopalian Liberal Christian who should not call himself a Christian because you don't believe in any Biblically inspired theology whatsoever or are you just an idiot who just reads random parts of the Bible,"

"First of all...I do respond...y'all are just too ignorant to understand! (Like how I put the "y'all" in there?)'
Agreeing to disagree is one thing. Using words like Ignorant and moron directed toward people is quite another.

Also, these views represent YOUR particular view of Christianity, not everyones.

Also, how to you propose to defend your ideological beliefs? WIth kindness, compassion, and love? or with toxic words, warlike attitudes, and violence?

O'Sensei said, there is room for all religions in aikido..does the converse apply?

You walk a thin line between "agreeing to disagree" and tolerance, IMHO.
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