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Greg Jennings
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Re: Re: Re: What "kajo" means?

Originally posted by andrea anzalone

thanks a lot for the answer to greg and kami.
Now i have a problem! if ikkyo is "only" the name of an harmlock why it was called kyo=teaching (and, above all, the first teaching) and not technique?
It is, obviously, not "only the name of an armlock".

How is the connection to uke's center of balance achieved? How does, say, katatedori ikkyo omote relate to katatedori nikyo omote, ditto sankyo and yonkyo?

Observe, listen, research, cogitate on it and, above all, train, train, train.

In time, you'll find _your_ answer. It'll probably be different from _my_ answer. I know the answer I have _now_ is different from the one I had just two or three years ago.

A bigger question is why you should have to work to find your answer rather than have mine or anyone else's given to you.


Greg Jennings
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