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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Alan Rodriquez:

In all due respect, maybe you should follow your own advice. You certainly don't represent all segments of Christanity and belief systems that surround it. You certainly are entitled to your opinions, thoughts, and words. I frankly find some of your post toxic and intolerant.

Part of the problems in the world is that people are so eager to be understood by others that they fail to understand the world around them. Hold onto your beliefs, but seek to understand and be patient with others and theirs. It does not mean that you have to accept them, but be tolerant

We can never acheive true peace in the world until we stop the deviseness that is wedge between all of us.
Okay, Mr. Leavitt...what the frig did I say in any of my previous posts regarding Christianity that were toxic and intolerant? and your ignorant self trying to be wise in your own understanding (of I don't know probably wouldn't even know) saying crap you don't know about. Nothing new. I believe that true world peace is aquired through "agreeing to disagree" with people which I believe is tolerance and like you yourself said, Mr. Leavitt....not accepting what they believe....but tolerating it...however...if the information regarding Christianity and its history and theology is wrong...then...people like myself...who are Christian and KNOW what we believe in and KNOW our history and KNOW world history...I don't think it would be wrong for me or any of my other brothers and sisters in Christ to defend our faith. The Bible is very straightforward in a lot of the things that it says. You could read it yourself if you want to know the things it's straightforward about. Also...I said if one does not know about their faith or anyone elses...don't put posts or w/e on the internet about it that makes you look foolish. Also...Christianity is is the fact that Christ is the Son of the Lord God Almighty who is the Messiah and who is One with the the Father and the Holy Spirit. As Christians...we believe that salvation is ONLY through Christ and Christ alone and through no one or nothing else not even the good things you do for the old lady down the'll still go to hell without Christ because we're all scumbags and sinners who deserve death and eternal torment but God who is so loving to us decided to send His son, Jesus Christ, to die in OUR place so that we may accept Him as Lord and become one in Christ...which saves us from Hell. That's more or less Christianity in a "nutshell". So...if what I said here doesn't represent all "segments of Chrisitianity" and "belief systems surrounding it"...too bad! That's what church, the Bible and Seminary is for...what I just said here is basic belief of all true Christians, ok Mr. Leavitt?
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