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Adam Alexander
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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
1)Your making a bunch of assumptions that simpy are not true.

2)I find BJJ to be much easier on my body than AIkido in many respects.

3)I believe I am better qualified than you to say why the military picked the training methodology that they did. Many of your assumptions are simply incorrect.

4)I am not bashing aikido, so no need to get offended so easily.

5)My only point is that you seem to feel that aikido is superior to many martial arts.

6)Have you really spent time with a decent BJJ instructor? You will find them to be as soft, efficient, and flowing as aikido. Sure, they spend tons of time on the ground. Sure, they have weaknesses in their stand up game, which is why you will see that most of them have partnered with Muay Thai guys, Kali, aikido, and others that they find offer them things to become more well rounded.

7)One thing I will say, is I have found most BJJ guys to be more open minded than most aikido guys, you seem to be proving that once again.
Yeah, you got me. I read "Aikido not realistic" and I got p****. LOL.

1)What inaccurate assumptions (specifically) besides your Aikido experience?
2)I think that should be natural being that as uke you take so many throws. However, I think in general, if Aikido is hard on your body, you're doing something wrong (that's why you should be able to practice sh'te as long as you live).
3)I'd agree that you're a better source for what you guys are doing...but I don't expect the people who made the choice of "why" have time to play with me on the internet. However, I was under the assumption that you were referring to basic.
4)I've never gottent the impression that you wanted to bash Aikido. However, my impression is that your perspective is limiting of Aikido and you express it...that's not, IMO, in the best interest of Aikido. If I agreed with your perspective, obviously, I'd have nothing to say...If your position was simply "Aikido is a difficult art to get from 0 to awesome with"...Man, I'd chuckle and post a "here, here." However, your position is to cross-train. Cross-training is the worst thing an Aikidoka can do (unless he/she is at the level where he/she can apply the techniques of Aikido in any situation), and that's why I respond as I do. I think you're doing a disservice to Aikido by your recommendations. The ideology of premature cross-training stumps Aikido growth. (One thing about this: I'm strictly from the position that people are learning under a qualified instructor. If the instructor doesn't get it, it doesn't matter where you train or how many arts.)
5)You're right. I do think Aikido is the best. However, I believe that because Aikido offers a response for every situation...from staying off the ground to handling multiple attackers to handling a bad day at work.
6)No. #4 answers that.
7)LOL. Yeah, like I said, you got me. Sorry for the offense. I am close minded on it. Not trying to be an a**, but when you know you're right, that's it.

However, the only thing I claim to be right on is that you shouldn't cross-train before you're ready. And you're ready when you know your own techniques inside and out.
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