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Adam Alexander
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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
1)Good post Jean,

2)and also the dynamic it takes to train masses of soldiers for situational training.

3)Of course, we ended on the ground, and I had my ass handed to me. Later this year, I had a guy complete the two month intense Army combatives course with no prior experience in fighting or MA, he held his own against me. It was very humiliating and an eye opener.

4)it also allowed me to learn BJJ fairly rapidily and I am know miles ahead of others because of my understanding of kokyu, ki, posture etc.

5). TMA tend to be parochial and lend to "group think". If you are training to be a soldier, MMA guy or, a Cop, you may want to consider schools that are geared towards that.
6). Be very careful in falling into the trap of what "realistic" is. Aikido, BJJ, Krav Maga and all arts have their own paradigm of what "realistic" is. None of them is entirely right in their training approach. If realistic training is your will have to work hard and question often to make sure you are accomplishing your goals!
1)Thanks. It's very interesting.
2)Agreed. I mention that in another thread.
3)That doesn't say anything about Aikido...just how you've trained. I can see where you're coming from though--the reason for losing doesn't really just needed to fix it...quick.
4)I bet. I believe if you train in any MA, you'll learn another faster. However, I like to think that what I've learned in Aikido is sooo close to the root of MAs, that we learn even faster than it bias...whatever.
6)I agree, you should question. However, I get the impression that you're referring to something more specific? But, nonetheless, I think just because you don't get the answer you're looking for (about realism) you should, most of the time, just be cool and trust the process.
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