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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Jean Wrote:[/quote]
LOL! I just reread your post. Not effective or realistic? If that's been your experience, then I'd say that your Aikido instructor that you visited once or twice was either 1)not showing you Aikido because you weren't ready for it or 2)wasn't showing you Aikido because he didn't really understand it himself.

Agreed, Aikido isn't a quick learn...Neither is any other MA. If you wan't "killer techniques" go to the bookstore and pick up any defense book and practice them with your buddies.[quote]

Your making a bunch of assumptions that simpy are not true. I am not sure of your experience or background outside of aikido to make these assumptions, but here is mine.

1. I am in the military...for over 20 years now. (ranger, airborne...all that stuff.)
2. I am 40 years old and do combatives training.
3. I have studied aikido for close to 10 years with some very good instructors. Saotome Sensei, Bob Galeone, Jimmy Sorentino (all ASU)...not just a few classes.
4. I have a Blue Belt in Gracie Jiujitsu from Gracie Barra organization.
5. I am a certified Army Combatives Instructor.
6. I have used my martial experiences in real life for detention, self defense, and in competition.
7. I find BJJ to be much easier on my body than AIkido in many respects.

I believe I am better qualified than you to say why the military picked the training methodology that they did. Many of your assumptions are simply incorrect.

Jean, I am not sure you are really paying close attention to my post, or maybe I just don't write that clearly I am not bashing aikido, so no need to get offended so easily.

My only point is that you seem to feel that aikido is superior to many martial arts. It is not, it is simply another methodology designed to accomplish the founders philosophical goals. It is a sound and effective martial art. It is not, however, the best art, nor the only art to have the answers many are looking for.

Have you really spent time with a decent BJJ instructor? You will find them to be as soft, efficient, and flowing as aikido. Sure, they spend tons of time on the ground. Sure, they have weaknesses in their stand up game, which is why you will see that most of them have partnered with Muay Thai guys, Kali, aikido, and others that they find offer them things to become more well rounded.

One thing I will say, is I have found most BJJ guys to be more open minded than most aikido guys, you seem to be proving that once again.
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