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Re: Poll: Does the philosophy of aikido need to be explicitly discussed during class

I voted YES, while NO is as right as well, if there are no steps in between allowed.

Main exercise is action, learning by doing, or however you call it. Recently we had a special lesson about earth (gravity stability), water ("fill the vacuum", redirect instead of power against power), air (breath and "tornado-whirls"), fire and spirit.

Well on "fire" and "spirit", we mudansha just got told the idea,no lessons , but at least it shows a different aspect ofthe aspect and although it is just another explanation for the physical and psychical logic, it is much easier to get and keep in mind for training. So I would say, it should not be too much, but from time to time you should talk about the philosophy. Another aspect is to bore those poeple who want to use aikido for stret fighting. They either quit - unfortunately they learn other efficient techniques, or they get a bit of the idea, which might improve their habit.

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