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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Just a few contributions:

Kevin, great story, but the concept works both ways. My sensei was a national karate champion at 17 back in the 70's when he went into the USMC. After bootcamp he joined the Recon. During his time in Recon school his cheif hand to hand combat instructor asked for anyone who had martial arts experience to step foward. About 5 guys stepped foward, including my sensei. Then the instructor told them to attack him with everything they had. Turns out that the instructor was a black belt in Aikido. Not only did none of the trainees touch him, the threw them around like ragdolls until they stopped attacking. My sensei was stunned about this, that his entire life of MA experience had not done him a bit of good against this guy, and so he started training Aikido.

On another note, I think one of the reasons that people tend to get into sticky situations and get their butt handed to them is just lack of experience. I know a number of black belts in Karate and TKD schools who have been beat by the random guy and started questioning their art immediately afterwords, especially the TKD people since TKD has such a bad reputation for reality. What it probably boils down to, IMHO, is these people have just never been hit with real intent behind it. Not specifically saying that they have never been hit, but that they just are not psychologically prepared for what could happen and that once they get a taste of somehting they have no schema for it rocks their world and they just go into shutdown mode. I submit that the more prepared person will always beat the more trained person.
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