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Adam Alexander
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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
1)You should really try and study with some practicioners of other arts like jiujitsu. You will find the training methodology is not all about memorizing techniques. Muscle memory...yes. Just like in aikido.

2)I kinda equate aikido to academia. There are business professors that can tell you all about the economic theory of how to make a million dollars...then there are the "drop outs" who can actually do it. They may not understand the principles or the theory, but have the intuition, experience, and the common sense necessary to make it work for real.

3)On aikido failing: It is nice to have some breadth of experience that can compensate when your "aikido" fails...whatever that really means!
1)To me, I think it's better to spend that time on your own techniques. When you've got your own techniques down...move on to more techniques.

2)Agreed. I think that's the case for all arts. However, the drop-out, although succesful, will only be able to explain how to repeat the achievement with the same circumstances...not understand the principal so that he/she can apply in under many different situations.

I see that all the time with Aikido. Folks who repeat that technique but have no grasp of it. These are the teachers I avoid...they're the ones stuck in "the paradigm of forms" (that is the Bruce Lee quote, isn't it?).

I also believe that's what we are seeing when people talk about techniques "not working." Those are your millionaires. They understand the technique works nice here, but they don't know how it can be made to work there.

3)I don't know. That's one of those things I've been wrestling with since I read it in one of your posts a while back.

For me, I think if someone is able to get me down, they're way beyond the rudimentary skill level. In that case, what's the sense to have been training BJJ or whatever part-time (PT might extend your time before going out, but you're still going out) when your full-time gig didn't keep you out of trouble?

Again, I'm not saying that you shouldn't train in other stuff...just that you should know your own first...and know it well.
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