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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

To me the ability to turn the other cheek lies in the fact that it is a conscious choice following the Heart of Jesus. The turn is not done out of fear because I have no other option. In doing martial arts I find and see both the tremendous power & skill we can develop and use against a human being and the incredible easy ways it is to hurt and injure said human being. I must have a guiding principle - That would rest with my Faith in God and His teachings.

When I started and began pondering over Ki (it looks like I still do) I tried a Descartes thought -sort of- and switched the perspective, ho w do the Japanese & Chinese come to terms with a soul/spirit in connection to Ki? What did the people of Christian Faith Think about electricity -it's in us ,too? Finally, I remembered that an angel - a great being from God- making wrong or evil choices is a demon- choosing to be away from God. All is God, good or evil becomes your choice.

Well off to summer camp.
Godspeed to those attending,
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