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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

David Valadez wrote:
Ah -- I think I get your point now over the "innateness" I am using as groundwork for the rest of my position…

I want to make clear here then that I was not referring to Ki and/or the awareness of Ki and/or the (debatable) presence of Ki, etc. In my first post, I was trying to be very specific when I only attempted to problematize a notion or practice that presents Ki as something similar or equivalent to "The Force."
In short, as stated in my opinion, cultivating Ki sensitivity or practicing Ki development, as I have described it above, does not innately become from a spiritual perspective an egocentric act. Here I can agree with you.

Thank you for "inspiring" me to try and be more concise (as best I can).

Well stated, as always. I appreciate your taking the time to clarify your position. If I'm correctly understanding your posts, I think I can see now how the concept of Ki as a separate "mystical" force, and the cultivation of it as a method of personal power is problematic within the context of Christ as "the center" and "the source".

So, perhaps what we can draw from this to answer the originator of the thread is that Aikido and the accompanying concepts of "Ki", Budo, etc, need not conflict with one's practice as a Catholic, provided one keeps one's faith as the context within which such concepts are studied and practiced (gross generalization, I know)?

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