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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Here's a stab at returning this back to topic - which has already been requested (rightly so) a couple of times...

In my opinion, yes, Ki, when it is thought of something akin to the "Force" (as in Star Wars), can conflict with Catholic/Christian ideals - particularly those pertaining to Love. While one might want to make a charge against the practice of superstition, etc. I am coming from a different angle here.

When we buy into notions of "Ki as the Force" (and any such similar understandings of Ki) we are actually lusting after power and/or failing to reconcile our own will to power (i.e. to seek dominance over others). We thus come to be preoccupied with manners by which we can accumulate more power for ourselves and spend less time cultivating a self that can offer service (i.e. the practice of love and compassion) to others. This happens, in my opinion, because the lust for such power is ultimately an act of egocentricism, which is the exact opposite of what it takes to follow the Way of Christ: Acts toward the cultivation of selflessness.

As a Christian (i.e. a follower of Christ) we should ask, "What does it value my soul to be able to have my arm go unbendable?" "How will this make more capable of practicing Love and Compassion?" "How does holding a jo away from by body, one that folks cannot move, bring me closer to God?" "How does standing on one leg such that no one can push me over help me to open my heart to the suffering and needs (both spiritual and worldly) of my fellow Man, my spouse, my children, my family?" For me, such things are of no value to all. They are of no value at all because they do not partake of a spirituality that is social in nature (that possesses within it the intimacy necessary to relate to another - be that other God, Christ, or Man). Or, for me, such things remain of superstition because they are more of ego gratification than of anything else. The difference is this: Christ is the true center, a center in the name of anti-egocentricism. The lust for power over others, or the attraction or pull we feel toward acquiring more Ki (as a power that is only seen or tested via the manipulation of others), or Ki as The Force, is based upon a false center, a center constructed only in the delusion of egocentricism. In this way, the pursuit of Ki or the cultivation of Ki, and thus the supporting beliefs and actions of such an understanding of Ki, can indeed be anti-Christian.

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