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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Robert Fox wrote:
Pig headed Protestants? So much for respecting the beliefs of others
Sorry all. My comment about Protestants was only meant to be directed to our friend the Red Beetle, certainly it was not meant to be a blanket statement. I have no problem with Protestants in general; only the ones who tell my I am damned from the get go. In fact I think that Catholics can learn much from Protestants as it seems they read the Bible more, are more willing to defend their faith, and more willing to evangelize.

To bring this back to a Catholic topic... I don't think any Catholic Aikidoka have problem with bowing to partners, instructors or pictures of founders. How about bowing to the Kamiza? In my dojo in Canada there never was one, there is at the Yoshinkan Honbu.


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Michael Kimeda
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