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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

To all,

Again, I appreciate your thoughts and discussion. I love my Jewish, "Protestant," Buddhist, Hindi, Muslim brothers, and all who seek the Truth with sincere hearts (and even those who don't). How many of us have inherited our faiths? We are all but accidents of our birth.

Unless I can practice apologetics in a civil environment, I eschew these discussions. It does none of us good to insult another. Rather, we should learn from Osensei about how to work through differences. Can anyone imagine the good that might have come from the Pope and Luther practicing irimi tenkan? The Lionhearted and Saladin? Mao Zedong and the Dalai Lama? (Oh come to think of it, the Dalai Lama got it right; he saw Mao as his teacher--of patience!) So, let us be civil.

I am gratified to learn that many Catholic Christians practice aikido. I have read other threads, less specific, that indicate that aikido helps us to become better in our faiths; that has been my experience, although I have not been practicing for very long.

This has all been helpful.

Thanks, August

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