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I always enjoy it when Chuck responds.

originally posted by Erik
Then the kata had specific foot placement in specific order in the kata and it about drove me nuts. Other than specific kihon practice, mostly with lower kyu levels I just don't worry about it like they seemed to.
Not so strangely when I began visiting Aikikai dojos several uke would not attack until I had assumed a certain kamae or conversely, when I remembered wrong as uke were not able to deal with the attack. This is not a function of us guys being anal just different.

Once you get used to the pattern of movement (ie. beyond the initial kyu grades) it feels very natural.

originally posted by Erik
I find people who are in very structured schools where it's done a certain way every time really struggle when something is non-normal as they define it. I've seen this up into medium dan levels (3rd and 4th) in some cases. So, either you have to practice non-normal things or you have to do a lot of jiu-waza/randori in my opinion to break out of the pattern.
I agree and that is why Shodokan balances kata with randori training. Conversely in schools which are much more unstructured you often get sloppy aikido.

originally posted by Erik
I guess the point is that while I thought I was working on non-patterning I had just as many as everyone else. Spent that 2 hours feeling like a total klutz too. Guess that was kind of good though as it's quite humbling to have kyu ranks correcting you and I've been told that I could use a bit more humble in my life.
Hah! The two best reasons for visiting other dojos and other styles.

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