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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

I remember I was working out with Jay Portnow, one of Kanai's students, and I kept screwing up his bokken technique "because I could". Suddenly he moved at quick-speed and smacked me on top of the head with his bokken. I experienced enlightenment. QUACK!!!
LOL!! Yeah, had that kind of enlightenment a couple of times now...still waiting for the one that comes while you're standing by a well...

I don't fault the brown belt...I fault my technique. But I did want him to know he was open to going head over heels...and landing on his head. The real problem with this 'artificial environment' we create is that it only takes a split second of someone being obtuse or stuborn for someone to get hurt. I'm not in this to hurt my training partners. Screwing with people's waza can lead to some bad places.

RT (once I had a friend...)

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