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Confused Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Robert Fox wrote:
Pig headed Protestants? So much for respecting the beliefs of others
Robert, I am also disappointed, both in the unnecessary, unfair over-generalization and in the lack of wisdom in ever insulting someone with the nickname like "spinecracker", "backbreaker", or even "chiropractor".
Michael Kimeda wrote:
In case you would like an interpretation: the Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth. not the bible... how do i know this? the bible says it.
Michael, I appreciate a good biblical paradox more than the next person, but in this case logic isn't like tenkan. Spinning us in circles won't make us fall down.

I'm suddenly reminded of katsu jinken and the execution of an innocent that ransoms the guilty. Is it the past or the future I see?

Now for the sensitivity training. How does the other guy feel about my/your comments? Which of you deserves to be the most angered? Which of you desires to be angered? What is the aikido/Christian response?

Here I'm preaching all the time and I only ask rhetorical questions. I have a true question or three for all you Catholic aikidojin. Is it wrong to wear my hakama to mass?

Is it wrong to practice shihonage in my mind during the "sign of peace"?

Since a sin in the mind is just as dire as the act, if I contemplate kicking kohai's butt during practice, should I confess it to my priest?

Yep, I'm going straight to purgatory.

Wait, does anyone know any priests, bishops or cardinals that study aikido?
Our local priest trained for a little while, not long enough to be any kind of authority, but if I think of it I'll ask him his impressions.

I'd also like some sit down time with the Pope at some point. I may have to wait on that though.

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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