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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I'm positive it isn't 1) words never seem to convey physical items like aikido completely, if it was that easy, we'd all just read the book! 2) I believe that others were often at least involved in parsing what finally got published...but I'd have no idea to what extent.
I think the intent was to get the basic idea across (at least that's my speculation). I do the same thing when I'm explaining things.... I'll avoid the real complexities and try to make the basic elements, and even then probably just the important aspects, as clear as possible. It's a good way to get people started, but more details are needed as progress is made.
...but the fact that he had any power base to resist from at all shows the problem with my current "level of aikido"....
I dunno... artificial practice situations often give uke opportunity to screw with anyone's technique. I remember I was working out with Jay Portnow, one of Kanai's students, and I kept screwing up his bokken technique "because I could". Suddenly he moved at quick-speed and smacked me on top of the head with his bokken. I experienced enlightenment. QUACK!!!

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