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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

I'm eating lunch, and had an interesting thought. Many of the early akikidoka were already proficient in judo, sumo, boxing, kendo etc. They already had ingrained body movements from arts other than aikido. Often in this and other discussions on aikido and kokyu, we talk about building new movement patterns from the ground up, and how difficult it is to train in one set of movements, and then later on, go back and 'rewire'.

But when you consider the fact that the early aikidoka (Tohei, Shioda, Mochizuki, etc.) were already experienced martial artists...isn't this exactly what they had to do? First they learned to move martialy (outside of aikido) then they had to repattern their movement to learn aiki and kokyu. Many aikido students today are already proficient in MA in general, but many are also completely new to moving in a martial environment.

How is say a 2nd dan, skilled in more or less moving in a relaxed and relatively powerfull manner, familiar with the outer form of the techniques in aikido, different from say, Shioda? Both at some point would have to go back and retrain their strongly ingrained movement patterns to do something different, right?


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