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I agree with what Erik is saying. When compared with, say, "distinguished" professors who give guest lectures at colleges and such and receive thousands of dollars, aikido teachers who have been studying for 30 to 40 years and practiced for years as uchideshi with the founder receive a fraction of that.

Even within the martial arts, aikido seems to get the "cheap" end of the stick. Weekend seminars (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday) usually run in the vicinity of $70-80 for the "top notch" shihan. A weekend seminar with a good taichi teacher can easily run $300-500. Yet, I've heard people complain pretty loudly that an aikido seminar was "overpriced" when it reached the $100 mark for a weekend.

Will aikido continue to grow in this environment? Or will it become yet another one of the franchised strip-mall aikido "McDojo" if we were to change these kinds of conceptions?

-- Jun

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