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Re: Will the Real Catholic Aikidoka Please Step Forward, Ladies First

Gene Martinelli wrote:
James is that because unlike the majority of your post your signature at least is not obtuse?
Oh yeah! Well, ah...
Gene Martinelli wrote:
Okay sorry joking aside.
No, please continue. I may even develop a come back. I did it. I did it. See that is the value of practice.
Gene Martinelli wrote:
Curious what you and others think about this thought:
The elegance that Bertrand Russell and Einstein saw in this mathematical universe, if you were to write a formula/mathematical statement using KI as the symbol for that elegance in the formula/mathematical statement might this cause a paradigm shift in perspective to both the definition of KI/elegance and the meaning of KI/elegance?
As a parameter that measures the aesthetic elegance of the equation or the aesthetic elegance of the system/state that the equation describes?

You might be on to something, if the definition could be quantified. I'm not sure that ki always manifests itself in an elegant way, but sensei has always mentioned it as usefulness. Elegance and usefulness are highly correlated in aikido, but are not always causally linked in a martial setting. For me (being a non-native speaker of Japanese), ki, at least in the context of aikido, is focuses the intension made manifest through the body. I could hyperventilate and stumble back or I could exhale and surge forward. I know which of these has better ki in general, but there might be rare times when the first is appropriate and the second is not. My experience tells me which to use.

It seems to me that if your KI parameter is a measure of elegance and usefulness (martially), then it is only a matter of time before robots have it in spades (less than 200 years from now almost certainly).

I agree that some equations in physics have some intense KI. After all, good jazz and blues can have lots of soul.

I think you can/do put your soul into everything that you do. The more of your soul that is invested, the more it shows. Whether into music, text, aikido, children, friendships or comedy, there is the part of each act that effects the universe forever. Will I float about as a shadow after death? I doubt it. Will this text exist as magnetic domains on some drive and in the minds and subsequent actions of those who read it and those who interact with them? Indubitably. Neither will I or my keyboard be quite the same from this moment on.
Gene Martinelli wrote:
Or am I just babbling in written form because I haven't had any coffee yet?
If you thought to ask the question...

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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