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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Rob Liberti wrote:
About the "years and years": From where I'm standing people go through the kyu ranks to learn enough external form to be a shodan... I see nidan as a rank about achieving some degree of flow - 2 to 12+ years. At that point I see sandan as the beginner rank where people should be so dissatisfied with the results of normal strength that they start to ... I see so many people attain some profound (_at least_ to them, but maybe very legitimate) level of understanding and then make the mistake of trying to start out all new students from that point.
I've seen some pretty good people in Japan take 12 years between sandand and yondan...
Rob - you make some good points but if I were you I'd thinkabout time carefully. If you think it will take 12 yeras, then it will. I now firmly believe that 'correct' knowledge and 'correct' teaching are fast routes to success. Part of the reason it takes so long is becuase we are all being led up the garden path: there is NO pre-determined way - known secretly by our senseis and divulged carefully as we progress. There is only what we realise through hard training and discover by accident. If someone could collect, pool, and classify this knowledege we could learn much more efficiently. It is part of what Bruce Lee said about escaping from the classical mess.

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