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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

Chris Sacksteder wrote:
That sort of thing happens sometimes when things aren't choreographed. If you are flowing, you aren't necessarily going to say "Hmmm, I better get back on the mat".

Of course if it's a busy street rather than the edge of the mat, you may want to be more cognicent. Of course that probably changes some other dynamics in the randori as well....


It seems to me that it's not acceptable - for safety reasons - in the dojo but in a big, important demonstration it's a bit like hitting a wrong note very loud in a solo.

Martially, what if this happened "in real life" and there was traffic or a wall where the mat ends?

In a nutshell, I wish my aikido was as good as Seagal sensei's acting but I think this video shows he isn't perfect.

Just my two cents, I'm not trying to stir up any controversy.
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