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Re: Kamae vs. Shizentai

Good question!

Originally posted by deepsoup
Do you find it difficult to adjust to initiating a technique without being 'on posture' first?
I try to do this in my practice but interestingly when I went down and played with the Tomiki folks a few weeks back I somewhat struggled with it. I found myself wanting to move into different lines and angles than they did. Then the kata had specific foot placement in specific order in the kata and it about drove me nuts. Other than specific kihon practice, mostly with lower kyu levels I just don't worry about it like they seemed to. I guess the point is that while I thought I was working on non-patterning I had just as many as everyone else.

Spent that 2 hours feeling like a total klutz too. Guess that was kind of good though as it's quite humbling to have kyu ranks correcting you and I've been told that I could use a bit more humble in my life.

Is it necessary to practice technique from different postures to be able to apply it from different postures, or does that just come with practice regardless of how you start the techniques?
I think it depends. I find people who are in very structured schools where it's done a certain way every time really struggle when something is non-normal as they define it. I've seen this up into medium dan levels (3rd and 4th) in some cases. So, either you have to practice non-normal things or you have to do a lot of jiu-waza/randori in my opinion to break out of the pattern. Really, I think you need an instructor who is constantly breaking your patterns or even the jiu waza/randori winds up falling into patterns that are not optimal. I guess I really think you need to work at it and from all kinds of different perspectives.

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