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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

Juliusz ******** wrote:
For me it really doesnīt matter whether he was awarded with the 4th or 7th dan. After all the most important is, what he is presenting on tatami. Have you ever seen Seagal doing irimi nage on uke, who was taller than 1,60m?

Itīs ridiculous. Besides all that I heard that he has stopped teaching aikido. He went to Berlin this year and I didnīt hear then of any seminar with S.Seagal sensei. So?
I'm 6'2" and about 205 pounds and he didn't seem to have any trouble with irimi nage on me at a seminar. I barely felt him but the ground came up and hit me in the back hard enough to knock a little wind out of me.

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