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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Larry Murray wrote:
And if I could make an observation.....Christ I am sure feels the same way about O'Sensei as he does about everybody else. He, Christ, may be disappointed in some, but ultimately, if we are to believe all the teachings, He loves all regardless of sin or goodness....(That is just my unschooled opinion)
Yes, I would agree that Jesus Christ does love all of us, regardless of sin or goodness - but that ain't gonna get you into heaven. Repentance of sin and accepting Christ as your Lord and Saviour leads to forgiveness of our sins and redemption to everlasting life - this is through the grace of God only, and is not negotiable, and is definitely not salvation by works (good works are the outward manifestation of the Holy Spirit working in your life, and are a gift by the Grace of God only).

This is not my interpretation of what is said in the Bible - this is exactly what is said in the Bible. Now, if I were to get into a debate about the different translations of the Bible (Alexandrian texts versus Byzantine texts, Westcott and Hort, the blasphemies of the NIV and other versions, copyrighting the corrupted Gospels, apostacy in the modern Church, etc), then I wouldn't have time to train in Aikido! (or eat, sleep and work for that matter).

now time to practice my irimi and tenkan while people throw corrupt bibles at me
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