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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Alan Rodriquez:

3.) Don't type things on public forums about other people's religion(s) without really knowing much about it...even if you THINK you're a part of their respective would only lead to embarrassment on your part. Thanks...God bless you. If you have further questions...e-mail me.
In all due respect, maybe you should follow your own advice. You certainly don't represent all segments of Christanity and belief systems that surround it. You certainly are entitled to your opinions, thoughts, and words. I frankly find some of your post toxic and intolerant.

Part of the problems in the world is that people are so eager to be understood by others that they fail to understand the world around them. Hold onto your beliefs, but seek to understand and be patient with others and theirs. It does not mean that you have to accept them, but be tolerant.

We can never acheive true peace in the world until we stop the deviseness that is wedge between all of us.
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