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Re: Aikido vs....

I was down in Southern Germany this weekend testing for my Blue Belt in BJJ from the Gracie-Barra organization.

Good seminar. Got into a fair amount of Vale Tudo with a couple of pro fighters from Italy. Also had an isareli Krav Maga instructor.

It got interesting when we went into knife defenses. He was showing basic stuff, and I added to it demonstrating how else you could carry it forward with other options. Instructor thought it was silat or kali, I said, "nope" "Aikido".

It was good to see that when faced with the threat of a weapon/"real no rules atemi" that aikido becomes very relevant again.

I really have grown over the past year to find both the weaknesses in my aikido and the strengths. I really llike the grappling and striking I have been is a good match with aikido.
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