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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

[quote=Monty Collier(What Do Presbyterians Believe?, Gordon H. Clark, page 23, Trinity Foundation)
You may not have noticed Monty but, you have your torch and your pitchfork and your pointing at us an accusing. But your standing here among us alone Monty. The villagers are not coming.
Alan has shown himself to be a Christian, as has Larry, Steven, and Paige, as well as others on this thread. But you Monty have tried only to sow Chaos , trying to turn brother from brother. Hiding cleverly behind articles from several different religious sources- Presbyterians, Lutheran - for the purpose of only causing hate. It is clear what you are, Monty. We do not label you, Monty, you marked yourself and shown us who really is the Beast.

Peace to all,

p.s. Your right Paddy, it is a silent prayer in'it
Steven, Nicely written, nicely done. Thank you.
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