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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Alan M. Rodriguez wrote:
By the apologies to Mr. Miranda for the name calling...I got a little out of hand and totally broke the rules by disrespecting you. You are right about the rules there...I just got a little frustrated by someone implying that I'm trying to bring harm upon another person by "cursing" them...I just wouldn't do such a thing.
First, the name is Steven, not Mr. Miranda. Among brothers in faith and budo, formality such as this is not needed. Second, your apology to me is not needed, but accepted.

... and for the record, I'm well aware of your intentions in your blessings. I guess now you know a little bit about how it feels to be accused of being all these horrible things, just because one is Catholic. You see, in the eyes of many, not you, I'm already damned to hell because I'm catholic. Great, I'll see you there. (not you, but those that do the damning) I'm judged on that fact alone. Hell, all my life I've been judged on the fact that not only was I Catholic, I am a Puerto Rican and from New York. Most people where I grew up only new about PR's from West Side Story. So by default, we were all just a bunch of gang bangers looking for trouble. The neighborhood went to hell when the Catholic PR's from New York moved in.

The lesson here is, people should not judge people because of their religion, as so many do. How unAikido and unChristian like is that. Yet these same people claim to be Christians. Well at least in word. Funny how someone can claim to be Christian and in the same breath, damn someone and pass judgment on others because of what they believe is wrong. These people are great at quoting scripture. Problem is, they don't practice what they preach. I wonder at times if these people can walk on water and/or if I nailed them to a tree, or street post, they would reappear three days later after their death. At the rate they pass judgement, one would think they were left in charge.

This thread was not about this religion versus that religion. It wasn't about whether what the Pope did was right or wrong, based on whatever criteria is used. It was about what Catholics thought about practicing Aikido and about incorporating some the KI teachings. Or is that KEY teachings. I always get that mixed up. However, that's not the path this thread took.

I can go on for days telling everyone about what I think of this religion versus that one over there. But why bother. In the end, it's your personal relationship with God or whoever you want to worship that matters. I try to live my faith everyday, in everything I do and say, but God knows, I'm not perfect, nor will I ever claim to be. When my day of judgment comes, it's not going to matter what anyone here on this forum thinks of me. I'll have my day and when that day comes, my maker and I will sit and talk and he .. or she .. will decide my fate. Not anyone here.

In my dojo, we have all walks of faith and non-faith. We all co-exist in perfect harmony because we respect each other as individuals, as I do folks on this forum. So you're welcome to my dojo any time, as long as you leave your ego's an opinions out side the dojo and come to practice and fellowship.

Now if anyone takes this post as an attack on them, get a grip. No offense is intended, nor am I speaking of any one individual or persons. I'm attempting to speak in general terms.

If you're still offended, well, I can't help you. You'll just have to deal with it.

With that, I'm done. Flame away all you'd like. As far as I'm concerned, no harm, no foul! Life is too short to let such matters rule your life and thoughts. Like I said earlier, "It's only a problem if you want it to be."

Peace to all ...
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