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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Alan M. Rodriguez wrote:
So...God Bless you Mr. Martinelli and I pray that the Holy Spirit truly convicts your heart and opens your eyes to truth found in the Living Word of God and that His blessings may fall upon you and your household like a monsoon in Asia!
Please call me Gene. The students in my classroom call me Mr. Martinelli. I thank you for the offering of the blessing. What I quoted from the Bible was as much a reminder to you as it was to myself. The reason the Pope could walk in and prayer at a Mosque, was it's location and connection to Christ. The reason the Pope could walk up and pray at the Temple wall because it was the Temple that Jesus had entered. It was a way to acknowledge both the differences and the opportunity to show we can all live in peace.
Mr. Rodriquez I wish you peace. May the Love of God fill thy heart , may the Holy Spirit bath you in the light of God's Wisdom, and may the Way of Jesus be your path. Amen

P.S. Ron my brother had the same curse too.
Steven interesting twist with the water, that is the heart of this isn't it.
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