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Re: Poll: How good are you at aikido?

I didn't vote since there was no "I am the Aikido GOD who taught P.Rehse and Ueshiba M. everything they know" option.

Really I am.


Though when they get to my level their Ki will be so strong it will act like an ICBM - stopping attackers from beyond visual range, not just 10 feet.

Hmm I wonder if that is why class is so empty these days.?

I remember one day while teaching Ueshiba M. It was after the war I think, he came to me and said "I can dodge bullets" and I looked to him and said "Big deal, if you ever get as good as I am - You won't have to."

Unknown to me at the time, someone overheard that conversation and lo and behold it ended up as a corny line in the movie "The Matrix." Can you believe the audacity?

(And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

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