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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

The times are very interesting, Mr. Martinelli. I don't see how that's a curse in any way...and if it was...some Christian you are! LOL! Look...the Pope was wrong for attending mosques and hindu temples and bowing to whatever deity it was that he bowed to. That's wrong...why is it wrong? Because the Bible tell us that we shall not worship any graven images or sit in the council of sinners. Now...I have many muslim friends, one of which lives in Uzbekistan. We've been friends for about 3 years now. We talk about the differences and the few similarities between Islam and Judeo-Christian theology. Again...we're very good friends and we're both rediculously devout about what we believe in. She's still a Muslim...and I'm still and always will be a Christian. Now...we don't argue or yell at each other or insult each other...then we wouldn't be friends would we? However...I would not go to her mosque whether here in the states or over there in her country because that is wrong, understand? Now...if she ever wanted to come to my church...she's more than welcome to come...but she most likely will not...because she feels it's wrong and against her faith, understand? The answer to world peace isn't to agree with what everyone says and mix all our doctrines, traditions, and beliefs just because we're afraid of hurting other people's feelings...but rather...agreeing to disagree and still be friends that are willing to help each other out, understand? 'Cause if we were all to practice universal ecumenism...we'd have nothing to believe in or cherish that is our own...we'd all be the same, understand? So...God Bless you Mr. Martinelli and I pray that the Holy Spirit truly convicts your heart and opens your eyes to truth found in the Living Word of God and that His blessings may fall upon you and your household like a monsoon in Asia!
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