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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Hello August....Aikido of Portland is a nice group of people. A very nice dojo. Hope to be there in August..(no play on words there!!! ;-)) when Tres Sensei is there.

As far as the thread...I am Catholic. Never once did I consider bowing to Shomen in any way conflicting with my Catholic beliefs. We bow to Shomen in respect of O'Sensei. We bow to each other before and after class for the same reasons. It is not a "religious" bow, rather, it is one of deep respect and thankfullness.

And if I could make an observation.....Christ I am sure feels the same way about O'Sensei as he does about everybody else. He, Christ, may be disappointed in some, but ultimately, if we are to believe all the teachings, He loves all regardless of sin or goodness....(That is just my unschooled opinion)
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