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Re: Poll: How good are you at aikido?

Peter Rehse wrote:
Well Michael;

Since you are a mere mortal just take the train a little closer to Himeji. I figure 30 minutes on a Shinkaisoku should do it. Call me from your cell phone when you get there.

You're just saying that because you are in Hokkaido right now and feel safe. Remember there is no place you can hide...

But I actually don't want to challenge you...I am in too much awe to contemplate the idea.


No...I mean it.

Look...if you don't think I mean it why don't you come over here and do something about it.


Did I mention that I am appropriately awed

--Michael...feeling like he's been here before

Hiriki no yosei 3 - The kihon that makes your head ache instead of your legs
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