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Re: Aikido Urban Legends, Stories, and Myths

Straying a bit from the Aikido....

Branden Lee had a great story about the only "real" fight he had ever had as an adult.
Arrives at his house on his motorcycle, and notices the window is open. Parks under it, and climbs in instead of going to the door, meeting a guy with his VCR under his arm heading for the window when he heard the bike arrive.
Throws the VCR down and hauls ass....round the old house with connecting rooms.
Through the kitchen, into the bedroom, into the next room...etc. etc. old style houses often have connecting rooms instead of hallways.
On the third or fourth circuit through the kitchen, with Brandon right behind him, he grabs up a kitchen knife and wheels around on him......
Now, Brandon points out that each time they careen through the living room, they pass under a lifesize, full color,photo of Bruce training with Branden who is about 6 at the time.
(I have seen the pic before in a book, and it is way- cute, Bruce with his hands in position low-kicking towards this little kid who is checking the kick...the best I can remember)
He had a wry look on his face as he wondered about the guy not realizing the kid in the picture was him.
Brandon had a small scar he showed to the host, and declined to comment on the extent of the injuries the burgler went to the hospital with.
Just a cool bit on the same vein.

Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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