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Brett Charvat
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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Mr. Sigman, you used the terms "needlessly embarrassing" and "needless humiliation" in your last post. Do people you train with feel embarrassed when they are not able to perform a technique? That seems to me to be a very strange attitude to have towards training. However, I sense this point may be hijacking the thread a bit, and I apologize. Back to the topic at hand regarding Paige's situation, I still contend that if the only thing "wrong" with her uke's behavior was that he applied his grasp too firmly, he was simply doing an excellent job of what he was asked to do. However, it is both understandable and natural that we should have different opinions as we come from different backgrounds. Despite our differences of opinion, I'm sure that Paige has gotten much sensible advice from the other posters on this thread and I hope this issue has been taken care of satisfactorily for her.
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