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Re: Catholic Aikidoka

Gene Martinelli wrote:
From one Catholic to you," A blessing to you and I pray for you. I pray that you will live in interesting times."
Lol Gene I love that statement. A blessing and a curse all in one concise sentence. Brilliant.

What is often interesting though is that folks who know little or just enough to be dangerous to themselves tend to be the first to create religious divisions among otherwise harmonious folks, pass judgement on others while being blind to their own failings, lay down the law (and are even faster to "quote" it) and decide who is righteous and who is not in a single thought without actually thinking. In the midst of this we have Priests, Bishops, and Popes who have no trouble bowing and being reverent (even if not actually worshipping) at Hindu and Buddhist temples and Islamic Mosques; and Lamas, Pundits and Imams who have no issue being reverent and respectful in the midst of their "Christian" brethren who may claim that their path is "not the way of God" or infer that these folks "worship the devil" or whatever.

It's like in MA when you have the Kyu and lower Dan grades infected and embattled over which art or style is better while the true masters of the diverse arts can sit and speak together in harmony since they all understand and respect each other's way and are not so insecure in their beliefs that their egos are bruised at the first sign of disagreement with what they believe.

It seems that religion becomes yet another battlefield that some misguided human beings utilize to feed their ever hungry egos and
need for self validation and gratification. Sad really.

I think if there is one way that Ueshiba's perspectives on Aikido can help those who call themselves religious is because it embraces one of the fundamental creative elements of the Universe that many religions think they propagate also - Love. When we start to get the "Club" or "Clique" mentality in religion and shun, scoff at and insult others because they do not belong to our belief system (which like all others is yet to be proven beyond all possible doubt), we become objects of division, dissension and war - the opposite of Love. But then these are the same people who are quick to tell the Peace loving Buddhist that his religion is "worldly" and as such, not of God. Imo actions speak louder than words and evil exists in all humans from Atheists to Zoroastrianists. We need to address ourselves and that need to destroy something else in order to preserve what WE think is right. I think this is a good lesson that so-called followers of Christ can learn from Ueshiba M., even though Christ did it first (maybe they missed that chapter).

Apologies for the rant folks.
Gambatte, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Peace be with you all.

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