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Brett Charvat
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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Mr. Sigman, I'm confused as to how you extrapolated an uke giving 100% to their attack into an instructor intentionally injuring their kohai. It didn't seem to me from Paige's original post that she was in immediate danger from her uke's strong attack; merely that she was unable to perform the technique. I certainly did not intend to imply that at our dojo we greet newcomers with a handshake that leads into a vicious ude gatame and if they don't know enough to tap then too bad for their elbow. I merely meant to convey that our ukes do not make a habit of cooperation with their nage/tori/shite. If a student is unable to perform the technique effectively four times, then they attempt it four times instead and the roles switch. Usually this only occurs a few times before either the instructor or a nearby senior student steps in and instructs through demonstration, and then it's back to struggling and frustration. I guess it just seems to me that either a person's technique works or it does not, and whether it does or not cannot be blamed on their uke. But of course I must include the caveat that this is merely my opinion, and Paige should do what she feels is best for herself.
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