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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Wendy Rowe wrote:
I like working with a lot of resistance, once I've learned the basic moves of the technique (so like I've said, we increase resistance as we train). The one thing that I get completely stuck on is when we're starting from a static double wrist grab if my Uke is lots stronger than me and won't let up at all. If he's got me strongly enough, I am unable to turn or separate my arms or drop or succeed at anything I'm trying to take his balance.
Here's a thought on a training method. Ask your uke to release your wrists and instead grab one finger or two fingers. Then try and do the technique...

The advantage of this is that it is really easy as shite to notice when you aren't going in the right directions because your fingers start to hurt. Unlike the wrists which don't bend so easily.

It's also good because uke can't grip quite as strong and also feels bad for almost breaking your fingers. This is assuming uke isn't being malicious in his/her intent.

Try it with other techniques as well...anything katate or ryote should be fine. Just a thought.

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