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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Alan M. Rodriguez wrote:
Mr. have to stop listening to this gnostic nonsense! Of course I can't make you do what you want to want to continue believing that...that's fine with me...but please...don't write it like it's the truth. I'm only concerned with the truth....and what you explained to me there...was farther from the truth than Japan is to my house in Buffalo, New York! LOL! I've done much research on ancient Hebrew and where it came from and what not...I go to a Messianic Jewish synogogue, ok? So I know what I'm talking about. During the time of Abraham there was a such thing as cuneiform which in fact is a form of writing, did you know that? Remember Abraham lived in Ur for a long time. Later he migrated to Canaan and adopted their language. However...there was still forms of writing even with the Canaanites! Mr. Peling...before I continue further...I think you are underestimating ancient people WAAAAYYYYY too much here! Again...the Hebrew came into the picture with it's own alphabet which Moses and many Old Testament authors used to read and write. Did you know that Moses was the author of the Pentateuch? If you don't know what that is...that's the first five books of the Bible...the first being Genesis. the New Testament (B'rith Hadoshah in Hebrew) Greek was basically the top language most people spoke in that region of the mediterranean at that time because of Alexander the Great and what not...and Greek was a written language as well. So was Aramaic which was spoken by Jesus and His disciples as well as Hebrew! So again...the Gospels were experiences the authors, which were Christ's direct disciples, had with Jesus and what He taught and did and what not. Nothing was by word of mouth as you say. made mention of some other "stories" and gospels. Those are Gnostic gospels that were written by a bunch of wannabes that had no respect for the church. Like the Gospel of Thomas for instance...Thomas never wrote a Gospel. The one who did write the Gospel was some ancient "hippie" who wanted to screw things up. If you don't believe me...I will give you some steps to help you out here: 1.) Stop reading only gnostic and agnostic literature which will only give you a false interpretation of both history, Christian history, and Christian theology. 2.) Check out the Christian Research Institute at They should give you some solid, scriptural, and historical information that would really open your eyes. 3.) Don't type things on public forums about other people's religion(s) without really knowing much about it...even if you THINK you're a part of their respective would only lead to embarrassment on your part. Thanks...God bless you. If you have further questions...e-mail me.

Well, all I can say is that your interpretation of things runs contrary to any scholarly history. I doubt that anything I'm going to say is going to change your mind. Ultimately this is a forum about Aikido and I think we have gotten off track here. Good luck to you.
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