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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

Brett Charvat wrote:
...I hope I'm not the only one who feels that Paige's uke doesn't need any adjusting whatsoever...Struggling and frustrated; isn't that what we all are while training?
I'd love to hear everyone here answer both of those questions.

"Struggling and frustrated" is not at all how I'd describe my feelings as I train, although I have been frustrated at times with my inability to pick up a technique as quickly as I think I should. And where I train, we're not over-cooperative -- we don't fall down because we think we should, we fall down when nage takes us down. But I don't believe someone can do a technique if when s/he first starts learning uke resists 100%. We train cooperatively and give increasingly more resistance as nage gets better at the technique.

Again, remember what we're talking about here is practice of a specific technique, from a static start it sounds like. That is already two strikes against nage (in terms of good Aikido rather than just good Aikido technique practice) -- if they were doing randori, nage wouldn't let uke reach a static position and certainly wouldn't keep trying just one technique that uke is expecting. Once you're in an unnatural situation set up to optimize technique practice, why wouldn't you adjust your resistance to match what nage needs to learn the technique properly?
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